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Central gov't aids HK to build emergency hospital

文章摘要:红树林游戏百家乐网址,速度欢乐谷娱乐代理官方网、添运娱乐首存红利多少、永利彩网而他们多半是开车来此 但却能知道。

The construction of an emergency hospital, aided by central authorities, began on Sunday in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to help control the surge in coronavirus cases.


Features ??

  • China's R&D spending rises in recent years

    Since the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012, China has attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation, which is reflected in its increasing spending on R&D.

  • Xinjiang stories: Maidinamu dances to the Mukam

    As the inheritor of the musical instrument Mukam, Maidinamu's father teaches her a lot about history and music. He tells her that learning music and culture nourishes mind and soul. She loves dancing and enjoys the happy atmosphere when his father plays.

Opinion ??

Expat's eye: A village in the clouds

I'd read and heard so much about the miracle of poverty reduction in China that I had to go see it myself firsthand.

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